Rupert's Karate Academy
1450 Airport Pulling Road North | Naples, FL 34104 | (239) 537-3573

What is Soo Bahk Do?
Soo Bahk Do is a Korean form of Karate that emphasizes physical skills such as dynamic kicking and self defense techniques, internal breathing techniques, and mental development abilities such as self discipline, focus, and development of a positive outlook to help one's self and others. For more details on Soo Bahk Do, please visit our page here.

Do you have programs for children?
Yes we do!  We have several different programs, for students 4-6, 7-12, and teens.  For the younger folks, we evaluate them during their private lesson(s) to see which class would work be the best fit for them. Read about all of our programs here.

At what age do you accept children?
Students 4 - 6 will be able to partake in our Kickstart Karate class. Students this age will earn extra colored stripes on their belt and eventually test for the Orange and White Belt, before they can transfer into learning the curriculum that the older Children practice

What about adults?
We offer an exciting blend of traditional training with physical conditioning to relieve the stress of the work day and leave you feeling empowered!

Can I try a class before I sign up?
Absolutely!  We offer a special introductory program of one free private trial lesson, and one month of unlimited classes with an official uniform included for $99. Find out how to get started here. Specials for new students run regularly, so check facebook as well!

How do I get signed up?
Once you have completed your introductory course, you qualify to enroll in our group classes. These classes cover our curriculum of authentic Soo Bahk Do and self defense techniques. We will help you choose the best program in which to enroll when you begin group classes.

What is your Tuition Policy?
Read it Here.

Do you have tournaments and events I can attend?
Yes we do!  Our region often hosts tournaments, seminars, camps, and the like for students to meet other members and to compete and train together.

When are your classes?
Intro lessons are available by appointment. For regular classes, take a look at our class schedule here. You will choose the days you would prefer to train during your enrollment conference.

Am I too old for Soo Bahk Do?
Absolutely not!  Soo Bahk Do utilizes hip twisting and extension for power as opposed to joint snapping, and in many instances can be modified for students of advanced age.  It also includes Tai Chi-like movements and meditative breathing.  Many Soo Bahk Do members and even masters are in their 40s, 50s, 60s and up! See the benefits of our programs here.

How long does it take to earn a Black Belt?
Our Midnight Blue Belt is the same type of Rank as a Black Belt.  Students training diligently, both in class and on their own, will generally test and earn their Dan ranking in 3.5 to 4 years. Students are held to a high standard, and you can see the testing requirements in use by our school here, as well as on the testing page here.

I have previous experience.  Will I have to start over at White Belt?
Any member of the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation will come to our school retaining their current rank. For transferring stylists, this is best determined in your first few lessons and classes. Depending on your training frequency and dilligence, you may have your rank adjusted accordingly at your first test, but this is not a given. Students earn their rank by setting a good example through their effort, character, and discipline. We are not a "belt factory" or "McDojo." We uphold the integrity of the art and our mission of fostering Self Development through Self Defense.