Rupert's Karate Academy

1450 Airport Pulling Road North | Naples, FL 34104 | (239) 537-3573

Martial Arts Programs for Children

Kid's Karate Programs in Naples Florida

KickStart Karate (Ages 4 - 6 Years Old)

  • Develop respectful and polite habits
  • Refine balance, coordiation and dexterity
  • Learn Right from Left
  • Learn fundamental Soo Bahk Do techniques
  • Earn ranks in curriculum developed for this specific age that seamlessly transitions to the Children's class.

Children (Ages 6 - 12 Years Old)

  • Emphasis of self-discipline and self-control
  • Structured learning environment
  • Hone balance, control and other athletic skills
  • Learn concepts and values to apply as life skills
  • Set goals to progress through the ranks towards Black Belt!

Martial Arts Programs for Adults

Adult Karate Programs in Naples Florida

Teens and Adults (Ages 12 Years Old and Up)

  • Improve fitness with conditioning drills that develop technical skills
  • Reduce stress and channel positive energy
  • Enhance full-body flexibility and dexterity
  • Learn philosophical concepts that apply to daily professional life
  • Set and achieve goals for rank, fitness, and ability.
  • Learn varied and practical self defense techniques and practical applications of traditional techniques found in the forms of Soo Bahk Do
Tai Chi

Tai Chi & Yoga

Offered by Ms. Karen McNeil

Tai Chi: Wednesdays, 9:30 - 10:30

  • Maintain activity and increase energy
  • Improve flexibilty
  • Improve balance
  • Reduce pain
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Cost: $15.00 per class